Eco-Container Sealable Acrylic Cylinder Aquarrium Terrarium 15703

  • $13.39

Fixture Displays Eco-Container Aquarrium Terrarium can be easily sealeled to create a self-contained environment. This eco-container is made of high quality clear acrylic with outstanding craftsmanship. Material thickness is 1/8 inches. This eco-sphere container is great for DIY users to make your own sealed container. These sealable containers have a removable lid on the top, you can use acrylic glue, or permanent glue of your choice to seal the lid after putting your plants, algae, shrimp or other marine or life inside. The slotted openning on the lid tuat measures 2.5" length and 0.7" width. For those of you who choose to be able to ventilate, this would be your feeding port. For those of you wish to create a completed sealed eco-system, then glue this lid. To purchase our acrlic glue, please search 11310.,%20glue,%20plexiglass%20cement%2011310?filter_name=11310
Overall Width x Height x Depth: 4.7"x 10"x 4.7";
Material: Acrylic;
Acrylic Thickness: 1/8";
Color: Clear;
Weight: 0.9 lbs.