Thermometer Baby Forehead Ear Temperature Thermometer Infrared Thermometer

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Fixture Displays Baby Forehead & Ear Temperature Infrared Thermometer For Kids Infants Adults Medical Professionals 15936.
Bring the power of professional temperature measurement technology into your home. When they are unwell, you need to know their exact temperature to decide what to do instead of guess at the temperature of your baby or young child. Fixture Displays thermometer give you a precise healthy, infrared technology measurement reading in only one second whether your baby and children are sleeping or not. Large screen help you to read the temperature easily. To measure temperature via forehead, point the thermometer at the middle of your forehead and press scan. Please note that the thermometer SHOULD be in contact with the forehead. To measure via eardrum, first remove the probe cover. Then gently pull your ear upward and insert the thermometer probe into your ear. Once the sensor is aligned with the eardrum, press scan.
4-in-1 button infrared thermometer (Ear/Forehead/Ambient/Clock), measure temperature for Body (forehead &ear) and Object;
Accurate and reliable - Utilize newest infra-red detection technology;
Measuring Rang: Body mode: 89.6????F - 109.2????F (32.0????C - 42.9????C);
Object mode: 0????F - 212.0????F (0????C - 100????C);
Alarm sounds when temperature exceeds 100.4 ????F (38????C);
Comes with 1 x 3V CR2032 Button Battery.