Neck Collar Cervical Neck Traction Collar Inflatable Herniated Disc Healthy

  • $6.54

Fixture Displays Portable Cervical Neck Traction Collar Inflatable Adjustible Herniated Disc Device for Head & Shoulder Pain Relief. This Neck Traction Collar is made of PVC and flannelette, very easy to clean. When inflated, soft Air-pressure Neck Traction is very comfortable. Users could manually pump it to desired size. This device is perfect to help to improve circulation, posture and helps reduce headaches, neck pain, shoulder and back pain instantly.
Velcro strap design is easy and convenient for size adjustment to satisfy different users. Too much neck flexion can be detrimental to your health. Place the Fixture Displays Cervical Neck Traction Collar in a comfortable position around your neck and velcro the straps in place. Close the hand pump pressure valve and roller valve, before Manually pumping this device to the desired size. Can extend to a maximum size of 7 inches vertically and will set your neck at a 90-degree angle.
Deflation is also very esay, just unscrew the hand pump pressure valve and loosen the roller valve, the air will be released quickly. Features with portable, inflatable, powerful, painless and quick-acting, is a perfect traction device for your to use at home or even during travel.
Inflated size is 9.4 inches length, 11 inches width and 7 inches height. Color is blue.