Mobile TV Stand for 47 to 59 inch Flat Screen Monitor, Height-Adjustable TV Cart, Shelf Included - B

  • $86.96

This mobile TV stand is ideal stand for many locations such as offices, tradeshows, hotels, conference rooms, hospitals, training center etc. Adjustable, portable and easy-to-use. The floor-standing TV Stand fixture is designed to hold a flat-panel monitor sized from 47 and 59 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 110 pounds. This mobile TV stand, which is adjustable in height, can raise or lower the position of a television screen. The lowest height possible is 47 inches tall, while the tallest is 59 inches. There are other available settings along the stand. Please note that these measurements were made to the center of the bracket, and may vary based on the size of a monitor. The mobile TV stand is equipped with 4 locking casters for easy maneuvering throughout a room. The mobile TV stand also has a height-adjustable display shelf for storing product samples and supplies. Not only can the shelf be positioned at 3 different heights (23.5, 32.5 and 40.5 inches from the floor) it can also rotate from the left to the right and vice versa. Finally, there are also clips along the backside of the unit for hold wires, and therefore preventing them from becoming tangled or broken. This mobile TV stand is an adaptable presentation tool that suits a wide variety of settings and needs.