Stand, Telescoping TV Mount Adjustable Height Angle Metal 10772 TV

  • $44.99

Adjustable height stand is extremely versatile!

Mount TV/ LCD/LED Displays, tilt a wide range of angles!

  • Adjustable height is from 36 to 54" tall.
  • Adjustable angle is from 70 to 82 degrees measured from the upright pole.
  • Mounting plate will accommodate a wide range of screw positions: from 3" on center to 4" on center.
  • Dimensions Overall: 19 x 19 x 54" fully extended height.
  • Height faces to audience is 54", height faces to speaker is 48".
  • viewable area:8.5 x 11

A snap frame or a high end acrylic frame can be mounted to instantly draw people's attention.

Or use as a mobile podium base and mount a podium top!