Wall Mounted Lead Apron Hanger Peg Rack 4 Hooks X-Ray CT Scan 15686

  • $17.07

【Wall Mount Lead Apron Hanger 4 Hooks】This peg lead apron hanger is designed for use in X-ray, CT, MRI, radiation labs, dental clinicw and hospitals to keep lead aprons organized, also works for hats, collars, pads
【5.5 inches hooks, with rubber tips installed】Overall dimension measures 10 inches in width, 3 inches in height, 5.5 inches in depth. Soft rubber tips help protect from scratching your aprons and hands
【Brushed stainless steel construtions】The Wall Mounted Lead Apron Peg Rack is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel with a brushed finish. It features a 0.12-inch backplate and 0.24-inch wire for added durability. The wire ends are covered with rubber end caps, which protect against scratches and injuries
【Wall mount screws included】The Wall Mounted Lead Apron Peg Rack comes with 3 plastic anchors and screws for easy installation. Simply drill holes into the wall, insert the anchors, and then fasten the rack securely to the wall. Recommend find a stud if possible. If your wall is concrete, use suitable hardware (not provided)
【Assembly Video】Video Instructions link: https://youtu.be/cBS5AtGJTv4. You can also search "15686 stainless steel heavy duty lead apron hanger 4 hook 4 7 ihches fixturedisplays" on youtube to locate the video. You can also download video by following this link: http://www.fixturedisplays.com/video/15686.AVI