Wheel Lock for Cars Trucks Tire width 6-10" 15605

  • $13.91

【Work for 6-10" Wide Wheels】Wheel lock helps property owners manage their space and vehicles, to ensure unauthorized cars are held and owners made accountable. Also works great to lock your own vehicle to discourage car-theft.
【Weighs 4.4 lbs】Made from durable steel tube and sheet metal. Uniquely keyed for maximum security. If you wish to purchase mulitple and have same key, please contact us before u purchase.
【Outdoor Finish】Metal powder coated in bright red and yellow colors. Locking horn tips are rubber dipped to protect wheels from scratching.
【9 Depth Adjustment Positions】Allow for best fit for most wheels.
【Produce Video】This video helps you gain better understand how to use this product: 加入录像链接。