Clear Window Sign Holder with Suction Cups (8.5-x-11-inch) Made from Durable PET Material Shatter Re

  • $7.16

. Letter sized 8.5 X 11" Window Sign Holer. Post messages professionally on your window or glass door. Make notices and announcements conveniently accessible by employees, customers, guests, opening/closing hours and more. Suction cups firmly attaches to window and glass door. Use inside or outside. You can also insert two signs one face in one face out.
. Made from durable PET material. PET material is a durable material and is shatter resistant. This sign holder will last for years to come.
. Comes with four suction cups. For best results clean your glass before applying suction cups. If you lost your suction cups and wish to purchase more, contact Sales ATT FixtureDsiplays CALM.
. Easy top or side load. You could also use this for landscape orientation. In the event your sign slips down (typically won't unless your side is super thin or heavy), use a tiny bit of office tape to hold it.