Zipp Wax Antifog Half Ounce Jar with Lense Cloth ZWHALFOZ

  • $14.99

【Versatile Anti-fog】Zipp Wax is a versatile anti-fog solution that prevents fogging on various surfaces, including goggles, glasses, scopes, helmets, mirrors, windows, and screens. It also fills in small scratches for clearer visibility.
【Sale Includes】Each sale includes a half-ounce jar and a microfiber towel, providing a year's supply. Clear directions are provided on the jar.
【Proven Reliable】Proven reliable by frontline workers during the pandemic, Zipp Wax ensures uncompromised clarity when navigating abrupt temperature shifts, particularly during winter.
【Anti Fog】Zipp Wax Anti Fog is a 100% American-made, all-natural solution with a recipe dating back to World War II. It keeps your life easier and free from visual impairment caused by rain, dirt, and fog.
【Best Anti-fog】Choose Zipp Wax for the best anti-fog spray and glass wax. It guarantees prevention from visual impairment, uses high-quality ingredients, and has been endorsed by Howie Mandel. Plus, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for your satisfaction.