Zipp Wax Combo Pack ZW1OZ2OZCOMBO

  • $29.99

【Fog-Free Performance】Experience the ultimate fog-free solution with the Zipp Wax Combo Pack. Our proprietary formula ensures clear vision by preventing fog build-up on various surfaces, including goggles, glasses, masks, helmets, scopes, mirrors, windows, and screens.
【Versatile and Safe】The combo pack is designed to be safe for use on all lens types, even those with anti-reflective or super hydrophobic coatings. Say goodbye to foggy goggles, safety glasses, masks and shields, motorcycle helmets, paintball masks, hunting scopes, eyeglasses, VR headsets, and electronic devices.
【Comprehensive Set】The combo pack includes a large wax container (1OZ) and a small spray bottle (2OZ). The large wax provides long-lasting protection and helps fill in small scratches for enhanced visibility. The small spray bottle is perfect for on-the-go use, delivering up to 150 pumps of our effective anti-fog solution.
【Trusted Performance】Zipp Wax has been trusted by frontline workers during the pandemic, ensuring clear vision even during sudden temperature changes such as in the winter. Our all-natural, American-made formula has a proven track record of reliability and effectiveness, dating back to World War II.
【Endorsed and Guaranteed】Choose the Zipp Wax Combo Pack for the best anti-fog spray and glass wax. Our product guarantees prevention from visual impairment, using high-quality ingredients and receiving the endorsement of Howie Mandel. Plus, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase.